Three Mistakes In Working With New Trusts

As fundraising from the older established trusts and foundations becomes increasingly difficult, more charities are starting to approach newly registered trusts.

Some of the most common mistakes charities make when working with new trusts include

  • Assuming that all new trusts classified as making grants do, in fact, make grants to other charities. Many only support their own work or the work of a few partner charities, or are effectively operational, yet are classified by the Charity Commission as making grants to organisations.
  • Dashing off an application to a new trust the minute you learn that it exists. Before they are picked up by the widely available directories with large print runs, new trusts receive relatively few applications. Some subscribers to New Grant Making Trusts Monthly tell us that they save up their copies and make a batch of targeted applications quarterly.
  • Expecting income to come in quickly. While you may get a donation soon after approaching a new trust, this is the exception rather than the rule.

Caroline Hamilton
Founder, Real World Fundraising

Caroline is the editor of New Grant Making Trusts Monthly and New Grant Making Trusts 2018: A Guide and the author of Fundraising From Newly Registered Grant Making Trusts.