New Trusts

New Trusts 2018: A Guide

A selection of 200 trusts that registered in 2017, is available for a subsidised fee of £120 plus VAT. With each copy we donate our manual, Fundraising From New Grant Making Trusts, a contact spreadsheet and 20 minutes pro bono consultancy support. The Guide is backed up by a refund pledge – if the charity doesn’t raise the fee it paid, we refund the fee in full.

New Grant Making Trusts Monthly

Our curated monthly round up helps charities identify newly registered trusts, without having to do extensive research. Subsidised 12 month subscriptions are offered for £150 plus VAT and are backed up with our full fee refund pledge. With each subscription we will donate New Trusts 2018: A Guide, back copies of our past new trust Guides from 2012 to 2017, our manual Fundraising From New Grant Making Trusts and 30 minutes pro bono consultancy support. Sample copies are available.

Small Trusts Service

We offer a spreadsheet of mainly personal and family trusts, most of which don’t appear in the widely available trust directories. Each selection is hand-picked for a specific charity. We include a full fee refund pledge to all charities – if income from the charity’s appeal is less than the fee paid, we will refund the fee in full. The subsidised fee for our Small Trusts Service varies and is related to the charity’s size.

With the Small Trusts Service selection of trusts we include, on a pro bono basis, a first draft of an appeal letter, a set of information sheets on fundraising from personal and family trusts, a one-to-one tutorial at our central London office and unlimited email-based support when the charity is working on its appeal.

Major Trust Research and Bids

We can offer support and training on major trust bids. Fees will vary depending on the work undertaken.